Launching Vision 2050 – WBCSD

BLOG | 1 October 2021

Working with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development was one of the highlights of the last 12 months. With their global events programme put on hold, we were invited to design and host the virtual launch of Vision 2050 and in turn, learn about the amazing work WBCSD has been doing in business transformation for a healthier future.

One of these key events drew together global CEO’s of over 200 international blue-chip companies to discuss and debate the relaunch of Vision 2050 for WBCSD, a conference that introduced us all to this important framework; one that we feel all companies should be aware of.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

The Vision 2050 goal

In their own words, Vision 2050 aims to ‘provide the business community with comprehensive, reliable and ambitious guidance on how it can lead the transformations the world urgently needs. Exploring new thinking and diagnosing past failures, Vision 2050 offers a framework for action in the decade ahead that is practical, grounded in reality, and designed to help companies drive change in their sustainability planning and business strategies.’

Download the report here

Why does it matter?

With a world in facing increasing challenges; from the climate crisis, to the lost of habitats and the rise in social inequality, people look to business to lead the way. From small to large, we can all make a change by adapting the way we work. The WBCSD agenda is radically needed and more and more businesses are looking to transform in readiness for future change. We see not only as important to our social conscience but prudent business management too.

Are you interested? Please contact the WBCSD for more information and insight into their membership here.

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